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{Winter // How to Style White Jeans in the Winter}

Hello Modesty Hey Friends! I hope everyone had an awesome Valentine’s Day! I’ll give you a small glimpse into what a “Baird Valentine’s Day” usually looks like. Haha. So, us kids started the day off by “ding dong ditching” some of our close friends at their work place. We would leave a little goody basket with the receptionist and she would take it back to them. It was quite hilarious. Our friends never caught us, but we got a good chase out of it. It was just a fun way to bless them! Then, that night we went to the San Antonio Rodeo and concert featuring For King and Country. Ahhh. They were so good!! I was so excited to see them in concert.Hello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello Modesty I do not often wear white in the winter, but I loved the idea of styling white denim with wintry clothes. The best thing to do is styling white denim with greys and blacks so it doesn’t look like you’re dressing for the summer. It makes the whole outfit look more wintry and warm, rather than bright and summery.Hello Modesty  Jacket  // Jeans // Shoes // Sunglasses

What did Y’ALL do for Valentine’s Day? I’d love to hear from you below!!

  • Tiana

    Hey Rebekah! I love the outfit! So stylish and modest at the same time!! On Valentines Day, me and my sister went on a dinner date with some girls in out youth group and our Youth Pastor. It was so much fun! I was looking at your family’s blog “Oh Happy Heights”, and those Valentines Day party pictures look so much fun!!

  • Elizabeth

    I love your outfit! I am not one to wear white, because I feel like I will get something on them. 😛 But I love the ideas you have out here! For Valentines day I spent the day with my little cousin who is 4! We did puzzles and read books. I also got to set up my new phone(which I got my my BD the day before) and then went to choir in the evening!

  • Eliza Noel

    Your Valentine’s day sounds like so much fun! For King and Country is amazing in concert 😀