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{Winter // Fun Floral Jacket}

Hello ModestyY’all, how fun is this jacket with this dress?! I actually got it for Christmas and I’m finally pulling it out. Haha. I remembered I have this more summery dress in my closet so I pulled it out and put it with this jacket. I love taking summery pieces and wearing them during he winter. LOL. It’s just so cute. The funny thing about this dress is that it’s actually an XXL for the length and then I just sewed it in to fit. Here’s a similar one. The shoes just add a great pop to the whole outfit. Hello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello Modesty

  • Lilly Shyree

    That is so creative!! It’s crazy how short outfits are these days. :/ I <3 your blog!

    Oh, and I'd appreciate it if you peeked over to my blog. 😉 I post about modesty, the Bible, writing, and lots of other stuff. My blog is:

    ~ Lilly Shyree

  • Dassah S.

    Love it! Thanks for sharing <3