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{Winter // Beautiful Midi Swing Dress}

Hello Modesty Let’s just say… I am not one to jump on trends quickly. It takes me so long to realize that a certain style is actually back in and modern. haha. When I saw the midi length coming back in, I was like, “Seriously people. Those dresses hit at the worst spot.” lol. But, over time, I now LOVE this length. It’s so cute and feminine…and very modest. haha. Hello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello Modesty This super cute dress is from Old Navy. You better go snatch one up because they’re ON SALE! Woohoo!  Pairing it with a light denim jacket makes the perfect winter combo. This beautiful outfit is so feminine, modest, and super stylish. I can’t get enough of this swing dress! Hello ModestyHello Modesty And here’s a coffee picture… because, why not? Any of you girls a crazy coffee drinker like me?! 

Dress // Jacket (similar) // Shoes

  • Lillian French

    I love coffee, especially cold coffee.
    That dress is pretty and the midi length looks good on your since your tall. I personally couldn’t wear it since I’m 5’3″. 🙂 But I love your accessories! So cute! Where did you get your choker? I’d love something simple like that.

    • Rebekah Baird

      Hey Lillian, this choker is just from Walmart. They have tons of low priced options. 🙂

  • Haylie

    COFFEE. Girl, I love coffee. And your dress! So cute!

    • Rebekah Baird

      Thanks so much Haylie!! Coffee is the best, right? 😀

      • Haylie

        Right 😉

  • Emma Grace

    Great post! And I love coffee! haha

  • Leighton Michele

    I was the exact same way with the midi dresses, but finally gave them a try last year and love them now! Haha, it is so funny how our fashion sense can change as we finally adapt to the newer looks, lol.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Leighton Michele

    • Rebekah Baird

      Hey Leighton, that’s hilarious that you thought the same thing. The midi length is so cute now! 😀

  • Elizabeth

    I love this dress!!! Great pictures! I like coffee on a cold winter day! 😀
    Thanks for the post!

  • Anna Duncan

    Very cute outfit. And YES IM CRAZY ABOUT COFFEE!!!