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{Winter // Adorable Workout Style}

Hello Modesty Who doesn’t LOVE to workout in cute clothes?! I think people these days are more into their workout clothes than the actual workout. Haha. I asked y’all on Instagram what types of blogs you’d love to see more of… and about half of you said you’d like to see more “modest workout clothes.” When I research on Pinterest, I’m hard pressed to find cute workout clothes that don’t involve skintight leggings and a tank top. The struggle is real for modesty in the workout world. But…modesty is tooootally doable for every area of life, so don’t give up!! Here’s some fun inspiration to help you next time you workout.Hello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyOne thing that I love to do is wear cute shorts over leggings. I love the feel of leggings, but not how tight they are. They don’t leave much to the imagination for the person standing behind you. Instead of just wearing leggings, try putting some shorts over them. It’s much more modest, yet, still so stylish. Some great places to buy modest workout clothes are Target and Old Navy. I mostly wear workout shorts that are “basketball shorts” because they come in a much longer length.Hello Modesty Jacket (similar) // Shorts (similar) // Shoes // Shirt

  • Hannah & Helen

    The pink jacket adds such a cute pop of color! I like to wear shorts over leggings, too. Perfect for running!

    from Hannah & Helen