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{Winter // Adorable Fancy Outfit}

Hello ModestyIt’s Christmas season y’all! Happy December 1st! That literally means Christmas is almost here. Crazy!! I’m almost done shopping for gifts, but when you have a million siblings, there is a lot to get. LOL. One of my favorite parts of the holidays is attending fancy events and concerts. It seems like we rarely get to dress up these days, but it’s so fun. Hello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello Modesty This skirt is really adorable and the tulle is very light, which I love. This whole outfit is just so much fun!

Tulle Skirt // Velvet Shirt // NecklaceHello Modesty

Love y’all,


  • Faye Lentine

    I absolutely LOVE this outfit! Tulle skirts are one of my most favorite things to wear.
    And growing up in a big family, I am right there with you. Lol! Except, I have not even begun Christmas shopping yet!!!
    As always, I LOVE your blog.

  • Katherine

    Love this outfit!!! Every year we have a sibling party where we draw names and then get together after Christmas.

  • Shepherd’s Handmaiden

    I can’t wait ’till Christmas!! I’ve already done most of my shopping- I’m so excited. XD

  • Clipping Creations India

    Extremely like this outfit at all, you are so cute. Merry Christmas.