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Touch Of Bohemian

Rebekah Baird Hello Modesty


We’re getting to the end of our “winter” days. Well, technically, if we had any. Haha.

Warm sweaters and cozy jackets are slowly getting put away now that it’s March. Ahhh – can you believe that it’s already March?


You know, I feel like life is too short to stick with one style.

I prefer to mix it up and throw in something totally random that’s modest and cute.

Last week, I wore a much more preppy outfit, which was so fun. You can read about it here. This week’s blog though… is completely different. This style has an adorable touch of bohemian to it.  I love the different styles so much!

I love hearing from you!

Comment below and let me know what YOUR weather is like right now. Are you getting the Southern heat wave or are you getting beautiful white wintery snow?



  • Rebekah Baird

    Great Start!

  • Ellissa Baird

    Way to go on the website!