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{Summer // Off the Shoulder Dress}

Hello Modesty Hey Friends, isn’t this dress adorable?! It’s literally the PERFECT summer dress. I love the ruffles with the modern shoes. The whole outfit is so fun and girly.

So, obviously this dress isn’t off my shoulders like it’s intended to be. lol.  “Off the shoulder” dresses and shirts are reeeeeally in right now. I literally see them everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram… and in real life. hahaha. They’re super trendy right now. But, as you can tell, this dress isn’t off my shoulders like it was  intended to be. haha.  For me, I feel like this specific style is a little more raunchy than other styles because it’s almost like your clothes are “falling off”. For me, I feel like this style can draw people’s attention to your shoulders and upper body, which is totally distracting. lol. Off the shoulder styles are really stylish and modern, but not my first pick for a modest outfit. A lot of shirts and dresses like this have some of the cutest patterns and colors. So,  instead of joining the popular trends and compromising my modesty standards, what I do (totally learned this from my younger sister…she rocks!) is to still buy these styles of shirts and dresses and just pull the sleeves up. So brilliant! It’s cute and modern, but still totally modest. YAY! Hello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello Modesty I want to challenge you to do something…Before you leave your house in a dress or shirt like this, stand in front of the mirror and honestly ask yourself, “Does this dress or skirt build up and encourage the people around me to keep their focus on Christ? Or does it direct their attention away from Christ and onto my body?” Is your heart in the right place when you wear this certain style? As a sister in Christ, I really want to encourage you to think about this style from an honest perspective. The end goal isn’t to wear modest clothes when your heart and motives aren’t in the right place. The end goal is to honor Christ with a pure heart and let that flow into your clothing choices.

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  • Jazzy4Grace

    This is absolutely adorable:) I know, off-the-shoulder stuff are everywhere! But, I would totally where it like this. It’s cute, and that’s all that matters. Well done, and thank you for the encouragement and the challange!

    Jazzy –

  • Emmy

    I’ve been afraid of buying off-the-shoulder dresses and shirts in case they don’t look right when worn NOT off the shoulder– but this post is making me think it can work 🙂 You definitely pulled it off with this look (I love your sandals too- where are they from?)! Question: have you had a problem with certain off the shoulder dresses and shirts not working as on the shoulder (e.g. falling back off or just looking odd), or do you think they’re generally easy to wear the way you are here? I agree, so many off the shoulder pieces are super cute, and it makes me sad to not be able to wear them, so I’m excited to put this modesty hack to use ;D Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Grace M.

    I actually just bought a shirt like this and didn’t even realize it was supposed to be off the shoulder until I got home and my sister pointed it out! I tried it on and everything and didn’t even notice, so obviously it works great with the sleeves pulled up. It’s now one of my favorite shirts!

  • Modest Blondie

    I super appreciated this post and your stand against wearing off-the-shoulder tops/dresses. I hope you don’t mind me referencing this post tomorrow on my own blog (I’ll be linking and giving full credit).
    keep on keeping on…