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{Summer // Fun Bermuda Shorts Outfit}

Hello Modesty Hey Friends, how’s your summer going so far? I’m loving this summer so much! I just love the summer activities and heat (most of the heat.. just not when it’s like 100 degrees). Hahaha. But one thing I always love in the summer is wearing shorts. The problem comes when the styles lean more towards itty bitty shorts. They’re just so small sometimes that I can basically see the person’s underwear. Lol. So, being modest doesn’t mean your outfits have to a bomb, but they can still be super cute and fashionable! That’s why I love these Bermuda shorts because they are long, yet still so cute. I just like to spice up these shorts with chokers, high tops, and hats. So fun! Hello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello Modesty  SHORTS // HAT // SHOESHello Modesty What are y’all doing this summer?! Anything fun or encouraging?



  • Jazzy4Grace

    I love this! Can you do more bermuda shorts outfits? (well… I guess it’s not really that time of year anymore. But I would have loved to see more, since bermuda shorts are basically my go-to during summer, and sometimes it can be hard to style them up!)