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Hello Modesty // Rainy Days

Rainy DayFor the past few weeks we’ve been getting so much rain over here! I love rainy days. It makes it feel like fall is coming soon! My favorite part about rainy days is wearing rain boots and jumping through all of the puddles. There’s just some childhood satisfaction in that. Haha.Rainy DayRainy DayAren’t these Hunter boots to die for?! They’re so girly and cute! I like how fun they are, for the rain and for the winter.
Rainy DayRainy DayThis military jacket is one of the most essential pieces for the fall season…which is hopefully coming soon! This specific jacket is no longer available, but here is another really cute one. Also, I could wear this shirt all the time! I got it from Target! It’s the perfect shirt for layering.Rainy DayRainy Day

Have an awesome weekend y’all!

  • Lillian French

    I love this outfit! It makes me want to get out my military jacket and boots, but it isn’t cool enough yet in Virginia. By the way, I love your watch. Where did you get it?

    • Rebekah Baird

      Hey Lillian, I love Virginia! Do you get snow out your way? I got my watch from Franchesca’s. That store is adorable!!

      • Lillian French

        I love Franchesca’s too!
        Oh, yes. We definitely get snow. And I enjoy it for about the first two snowfalls of the year and then I’m ready for warmer weather. But I love to ski so I really should be thankful for it. I’m guessing y’all don’t really get any? 😉

  • tashia nicole

    I love this outfit, Rebekah! So cute!! I love rainy days, too! And your hair!! *heart eyes*

  • Christian Country Girl

    Rebekah, that outfit is so cute! Yes! Rainy days! Haha…I love them. Where do u get your clothes? It’s time hat I find some cute and modest outfits. 🙂

    • Rebekah Baird

      Hey Christian Country Girl, thanks! I love shopping at Old Navy. It definitely takes some time to find modest clothes, but that store is awesome! 😀

  • Haylie

    Someone else that loves rainy days?! Yay! I love that t-shirt too 🙂

    • Rebekah Baird

      haha. Aren’t rainy days the best, Haylie?!

  • Jessica

    I LOVE rainy days! The pop of pink in your boots is just so cute. 🙂
    Unique Geek

    • Rebekah Baird

      Thanks Jessica! I love the pink as well. 😀

  • Rebecca

    I love rainy days as well 🙂 aaaaand coffee! 😉