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{Hello Modesty // Blow Drying Hair Tutorial}

Hey Friends, I finally got around to filming my blow drying routine. This is exactly what I do every time I wash my hair. It’s pretty easy and doesn’t take much time. I hope you enjoy the video!! Watch the video here.

Also, my three FAVORITE products ever!! My hair is super dry and really curly naturally. So, I use a lot of oily products. haha. If you have oily hair, probably don’t use these. hahaha.

Hello Modesty

Hello Modesty It’s a 10. All my sisters and I use this product. lol. I just love it because it’s like a deep conditioner. It helps with frizz, heat protection, protects split ends, etc. SO GOOD!

Hello Modesty Since I basically have horse hair (hahaha) this products helps my hair becomes silky and smooth. This one is seriously amazing. If you have curly or frizzy hair, seriously get this product.

Hello Modesty I use this product especially when my hair is dry because it helps calm the frizz.

Argan Oil // It’s a 10 // Silkening Oil

I really hope this helps! Have an awesome weekend friends!



  • Amelia

    It’s a 10 is the best!!! My sisters and I have used it for years, and we love it. One of my sisters has really curly, tangly hair, and we use Its a 10 on her hair all the time.