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{Hello Modesty // Adorable Snow Outfit}

Hello ModestyY’all!! I can still hardly believe this but we actually got snow in Texas!!! What in the world?! That hasn’t happened for yeeeeears!!!! It was seriously the greatest day ever. All people in San Antonio were freaking out. It was craaaazy! So of course Sue and I sprinted out and took pictures for this week’s blog. It was such a blast. I’m sure all people up North are just laughing at how excited we got about one inch of snow…but if you never have something, even a small bit is exciting! Hello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestySo, of course I broke out my jacket and boots for this rare occasion…it’s pretty much one of the only times we can wear jackets in Texas. Hahaha. You can find these pieces here.  Jacket // Boots Hello ModestyDo any of y’all live where you get snow?! Isn’t it the best!!!

Love y’all,


  • Faye Lentine

    Great post, Rebekah! Living in the midwest, near Chicago, we always get the cold weather and usually lots of snow (the last few years have been a bit sparse, but I’m praying for lots this year! Haha).
    P.S. There is also a similar sweater sold by Target: 🙂

  • Amelia

    I may live in the North, but snow is exciting, especially if you don’t get it that often :). And I kind of understand the feeling, since we get excited over 5 feet of snow where I live, but to the north of us 8 feet or more is nothing! Have fun with the snow, and great outfit! 😉

  • Clipping Creations India

    Beautiful, you are just sizzling in the sun. Thanks.