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{Fancy Outfit for Christmas Eve}

Hello Modesty Can y’all hardly believe Christmas is in two days?! Whaaaat? Where’d the time go? Haha. Christmas is seriously the best holiday of the year. It’s just such a wonderful time. Surprisingly, I’m done with all my shopping early on. It’s nice to be able to enjoy the last few days before Christmas. Hello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello Modesty During the Christmas season, I’ve had a few fancier events to attend. My favorite outfit to wear to these events is this lovely black tulle skirt and a pretty button up shirt. It’s fancy, modest, and feminine. Dressing up and dressing modestly is very easy if you use a little creativity. Most outfits on Pinterest, or online, won’t be super modest, but with a little creativity you can wear that same outfit… the modest version. Haha. That’s why I love this pretty combination. Hello Modesty What are your Christmas plans this year?! I’d love to hear from you! Merry Christmas friends!

  • Mikayla

    Omgosh where did you get your shirt?!

    • Rebekah Baird

      Hi Mikayla, this shirt is from Target. 😀

  • Elizabeth

    I just love your outfit!

    For Christmas my family is going to church and my sister and I will be reciting the Christmas story form Luke 2. Then we will spend the day at home. Maybe my Grandma will come up for the evening, and we will be eating delicious food!

    Merry Christmas!

    • Rebekah Baird

      How special, Elizabeth! That’s so cool that you and your sister had that opportunity!

      • Elizabeth

        My two brothers also did with it us. We had a great time memorizing and it spiritually filling!

  • Charlotte

    SOSOSO pretty!! I adore this outfit so much, and your hairrrr *insert heart eyes* <3 You look positively stunning!


  • Christian Country Girl

    So pretty! I admire you so much to be able to share totally adorable outfits with us, yet still being completely modest! <3 Thank you!!!

  • Anna Duncan

    So adorable! I especially love your blouse.

  • Tiana

    Soooo pretty!!! I ❤️❤️❤️ the outfit!! Where’d you get the shirt and skirt?

  • Leighton Michele

    I love this outfit! I actually wore something very similar for church the Sunday before Christmas! 🙂 Thank you so much for writing this blog and being such a wonderful inspiration on dressing modestly, yet still adorable!
    Leighton Michele

  • Faye Lentine

    This is honestly one of my favorite outfits you’ve done on your blog. It’s sooo pretty! Thank you for the inspiration!