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{Fall // Pretty Fall Dress}

Hello Modesty Hey friends, we spent a little time camping this weekend with the fam…which is always a blast. We mostly chill around the fire and talk. haha. It’s seriously sooo relaxing and refreshing to catch up with each other. We always make a big fire and roast delicious hot dogs over it for dinner. Ahhh. So good.

Now that it’s fall, I started breaking out the fall clothes. I LOVE this season soooo much! Isn’t this dress just adorable?! It’s the most perfect dress for the season. 
Hello Modesty
Hello ModestyHello ModestyHello Modesty I love to find dresses on deals and this one is just that. HAHA. I cannot find this dress online anywhere, but I found one similar HERE.

Have you ever been camping? What are some memories you have?




  • Anon

    We used to go camping every year at this campground in Squamish! We’d paint rocks and leave them in our campsite as memoirs.