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{Fabulous Sweater Weather}

Hello Modesty Our oldest brother, Michael, ran a triathlon last Sunday (which still blows my brains!!), but he finished the whole thing in no time at all! Five of the twelve of us have run marathons, but that’s nothing like a triathlon. Haha. It brought back some good memories of running for hours and hours, sweating like crazy, and working so hard as everyone else is enjoying the nice weather and sipping on lattes while they cheer you on! Hahaha. The struggle is real! Lol.Hello ModestyHello ModestyY’all, I don’t know what normal fall is supposed to feel like, since I’ve only ever lived in Texas, but our weather here is amazing this time of year! I’m so grateful to be out of the hundred degree days. Woohoo! I can finally wear layers without sweating too much. Haha. This outfit is a great combination because I’m wearing a thin, long sleeved shirt under a thick sweater. So the outfit isn’t too bulky. You can totally pair this outfit with some casual shoes for a daytime look, or you can wear some cute mini boots for a fancier look.Hello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello Modesty


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  • Izzy

    whoohoo Michael!where did you get your jeggings and boots? thanks!! you’re really awesome!!

  • Rebekah Teravskis

    So cute! I love your necklace! I’ve been looking for one like that! Thanks for the link!

  • Hannah Johanson

    Such a cute outfit! I can’t believe you’re wearing long sleeves though… it’s still 95 here. 😉 It has to get to about 70 before I can wear winter-ish clothes without feeling overheated, lol.

  • Heather Hemsley

    Love the outfit, Rebekah!! I just subscribed to you two days ago when I saw you in Bethany and Kristen’s video… Your outfits are so cute! I have to admit, you look like Kristen when you are looking down! XD

  • Torri

    Cute outfit Rebecca, I love the boots. The sweater with the shirt underneath is super cute too. Have a blessed day.

  • Jessica

    Love this outfit! I like the striped top under your sweater! Such a cute way to see it peek through.
    Unique Geek

  • Sofia

    Nice shoes! Very elegant! 😉