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{Christmas // Adorable Winter Poncho}

Hello ModestyI don’t know about you, but just thinking that Christmas is in 22 days makes me super excited! I’m so overjoyed about this AWESOME holiday. I love celebrating our Savior’s birth. The Christmas lights, Christmas carols, yummy desserts, and fires add so much joy to this season as well.Hello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyHello ModestyThis awesome shopping center is such a fun place this time of year. I don’t know about you, but my endurance for shopping lasts about one store. Haha. I did almost all of my Christmas shopping during Black Friday online. Lol. It’s the way to go! This adorable poncho is from Target last year, but I put a link to a similar one.Hello ModestyHello Modesty Poncho (similar) || Ankle Boots

Gotta go drink a delicious peppermint mocha now… Have a great weekend, friends!

  • Elizabeth

    Super cute! Love the ideas!

  • Grace O

    LOVE that poncho! All of your ideas are super cute! I also have a quick question for ya! I love to wear dresses and I have a few that I really like but they’re a bit too short to wear on their own. Do you have any ideas on how I could wear them? I’d love to see ways you could style something like that in a modest way. Every time I try I end up looking either super frumpy or more immodest than before! I’d love your help! :))

    • Rebekah Teravskis

      You could try adding lace on the bottom of them. JoAnns or any fabric stores carry many different widths and varieties of laces. I have done this with many of my dresses. It really depends on the fabric. You could also get an old-fashioned petticoat with lace on the bottom and wear it underneath the dress letting the lace peak out at the bottom adding some length to the dress. Also you could try wearing leggings or opaque tights with your dresses. Hope this helped. I love wearing dresses too.

      • Grace O

        Thank you! I really like the lace idea, I’ll definitely have to try that! 🙂

  • Minnie Muse

    Loving that poncho and the fir trimmed collar is perfection! Also…this picture spot is so perfectly Christmasy:)

  • Haylie

    I love how the chokers really pull the outfit together!

  • Tiana

    Super cute!! i’m totally loving it ❤️❤️❤️

  • Charlotte

    Hey Rebekah! I have followed your sisters’ ministry, Girl Defined, for a little while now; and stumbled across your site just recently. I have just transitioned into wearing more skinny jeans as well as more modern pieces lately (from wearing strictly vintage-style skirts & dresses, for the most part), and I have to say… I LOVE your style! It is so inspiring to see a gal my age, with similar modesty standards, styling adorable items like tunics & skinny jeans on the regular. Plus, it’s just plain fun getting style inspiration from a gal my age 🙂 Thanks for doing what you do, and I eagerly look forward to new posts!!