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Hey Y’all!

I’m really excited about today’s super fun, *modest* and casual winter outfit. This is another one of those staple outfits to always have on hand. I love all the different layers and patterns. I really enjoy being able to mix and match pieces, so this gives me many opportunities to try it out. You can wear this outfit so many different ways. Just mix up the shoes and the tie around and it’s like a new outfit every time.




Okay… The Cubs hat is of course from one of my faaaavorite cities… the great windy city of Chicago! We visit this fun, exciting city pretty often for family vacations, because our grandparents have a really cute house there. It’s such an amazing place! Nothing beats a Chicago dog from Gene and Jude’s.

Layering really does make an outfit way cuter. Why wear one layer when you can wear three? Haha. It adds some fun, creativeness to a plain outfit. The adorable white shirt and the cute tie around shirt are both from the awesome store of Old Navy.

{Hello Modesty - Casual Winter Outfit}

These shoes though… I love them! Sue still cracks up at me because, when I first started seeing people where Converse again, I didn’t like them at all. But, with a little time, I grew to LOVE them! They literally go perfect with everything! They’re great for all types of outfits.



I love this denim jacket as well. Super cute and simple. Totally spices up any outfit. The jacket is from Old Navy, but Target has some similar ones.

I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments below!

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